Women Celebrating Harris Making History Like A Red Rag To Local Man


LOCAL WATERFORD man Vincent Calley’s blood pressure has reached the melting point of carbon as he remains unable to calm himself, such is the unadulterated joy some women are greeting the historic nature of Kamala Harris’s ascension to vice-president elect of the United States.

Each video, image or inspirational quote centred around Harris shared online by women in Calley’s familial, work and social circles that express positive sentiments has only served to greatly upset him, prompting him to spend much of the last 48 hours having the male equivalent of what Calley would call a ‘calm down, love’ temper tantrum.

“Jesus, if I see another woman act like this Harris one is God’s gift… and for what exactly?” raged Calley, who declined the invite not to take it as a personal affront that some women see such a thing as a positive step forward.

Going in search of any evidence of hypocrisy relating to Harris, a politician, Calley trundled through the internet like a severely antagonised bull who had been unfairly shown a red rag in the form of ‘Harris to become America’s first female Vice-President’ headlines, and was encouraged by an abundance of like-minded men doing the same.

“Check out her police supporting record as California’s Attorney General too,” shared Calley, who cares little of matters of criminal justice reform, but just knows these gloating women need to be taken down a peg.

“Uh oh, she’s a big supporter of the Israeli military what have you to say now ladies, huh?” Calley said in a copy and pasted comment he sent via WhatsApp, text, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram comments to every woman he knew that expressed a modicum of momentary contentment.

Not satisfied his work was done, Calley, normally disinterested by US politics, pledged to continue doing this day-in, day-out for at least the next 4 years.