Russian Fly Found To Be Prompting Pence During Debate


A LARGELY uneventful US vice-presidential debate had one standout moment which dominated internet chatter; the presence of a fly landing on vice-president Mike Pence’s head, clearly placed there by Russian operatives.

Pence, looking like the biological father of the Ken doll from Toy Story 3, was delivered key assistance by a fly which buzzed in Morse code to provide him with key responses.

The Republican was seen floundering at times in the debate until the fly, directly operated by Putin, buzzed the words “not true, not true”, “no, no, no” providing Pence with airtight rebuttals to things such as verifiable facts.

Joe Biden’s VP pick Kamala Harris made history by being the first black woman to take to the stage of a US vice-presidential debate leading to some people incorrectly declaring her the automatic winner, Pence meanwhile became the first AI-operated robot to partake in the debate.

IBM, the company responsible for the software behind Pence admitted it needed some work after viewers complained Pence lacked more empathy than a serial killer.

“There is an horrifying soullessness to the eyes we just can’t seem to change,” explained one IBM official.

Polls taken in the aftermath of the debate had surprisingly positive results with 89% of respondents saying they preferred the idea of their vice-president being a lunatic conservative who gets his messages from a Russian operated fly, than being a lunatic conservative who thinks God is speaking directly to him.

Some 75% of respondents found the debate, which focused more on substance, ‘boring’, stating they preferred debates in which candidates spiced things up by trying to advocate a race war.