5 Dazzling Ensembles That Lit Up The Galway Races


THE Galway Races got underway behind closed doors yesterday afternoon amid ongoing Covid-19 public health restrictions, but that didn’t stop WWN Style from checking out what this year’s festival had to offer the world of fashion.

Despite only essential personnel allowed entry to Ballybrit over the course of the week, the festival was not devoid of glitzy glam, with our favourite fashion ensembles of the day wowing trainers, breeders, jockey’s and disinterested reporters, alike. Here’s our best outfits of the Galway Races Day below:

Charlotte, 22, Cleaner

Wearing a little crisp white number and industrial style spray mask and goggles, Charlotte Horan stunned the perimeter of the course while maintaining the empty stalls and terraces. Asked who she was wearing, Charlotte replied “Woodies, now please move back as you’re standing too close”. At least that’s what we think she said through her muffled veil, fogged eyewear and slightly threatening demeanor.

Tracey, 34, Groundskeeper

Donning a stunning Mediterranean style blue hazmat, groundskeeper Tracey Hooligan turned heads yesterday morning while checking the track’s firmness. Tracey’s sexy rubber gloves gleamed in sweaty residue while her size 7 wellington boots traipsed through the dewy grass below, caressing it like a soft Summer breeze while squelching in fresh steamy horse manure. Slay it, girl!

Sinead, 28, Car Park Attendant

Dazzling the handful of revelers attending the event while directing them to socially distanced car park spaces, Sinead O’Brien’s flawless ivory top-to-toe hazmat was the envy of Zone G in car park B, reducing fashionistas to tears and breaking the mold when it comes to the Galway Races new normal. Bets are already in that Sinead will steal the show at tomorrow’s Ladies’ Day event, while continuing to orchestrate 2 metre distanced parking, making it all look far too easy. We love you, Sinead!

Tabitha, 32, Horseshit remover

Just when we thought we couldn’t be blown any further away by the magnificent display of hazmat beauty, Galway Race’s very own horse shit remover Tabitha Kennedy broke necks with all the head turning in this rare high visibility number and full on military style gas mask, similar to those used by White Helmet plants in Syria, orchestrating a false flag chemical attack in the hopes of destabilizing a terrorist Assad regime all while funded by ruthless allies looking for financial control. Tabitha can destabilize us any day of the week in this jaw dropper, despite smelling of digested oats and grass.

Jean, 37, Steward

Oh, Jean. What. Were. You. Thinking? Obviously not everyone got the memo this week at Galway Races and Jean Moore’s lazy Tesco brand overalls and Homestore mask says it all when it comes to ‘not reading the brief’. In the hopes of making an example, we’ve included the mother of four’s pathetic attempt to adapt to the new normal in the hopes that future mistakes will not be made. Back in the loch with you, Nessy!