White House Grants Covid-19 A Green Card Visa


HUMAN rights organisations and immigration activists have today expressed their confusion over the Trump White House’s contradictory actions on the granting and revoking of visas.

On the one hand exploiting the pandemic to continue to find new and baseless reasons to ban the wrong shade of people from entering the US on legitimate visas, the White House has controversially granted Covid-19 a Green Card in the US after hitting the 3 million cases milestone, gifting the disease permanent residency.

“Covid just waltzed in, didn’t fill in any forms but was thrown a visa – we call it the Melania treatment, Covid did it the ‘right’ way,” confirmed White House spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany, who revealed that Covid-19 had humbly accepted the president’s personal invite to recent 4th of July celebration.

Uniquely for a Green Card recipient, Covid-19 was granted its visa because it met ALL criteria for which a visa can be awarded including for employment-based reasons, a family preference or being an immediate relative of U.S. Citizena.

“Covid hits all those areas, it’s now related to 3 million Americans and its creating much needed employment for nurses, doctors and funeral homes. What an asset to the economy,” McEnany added.

The White House has been criticised for giving Covid-19 special treatment ever since it turned up on US soil without a visa with President Trump feeling no need to subject the pandemic to the usual processes legal and illegal immigrants face, which stands out as an unusual exception for a usually xenophobic administration.

“Okay, so you always give us a hard time on the anti-immigrant all-Mexicans-are-rapists stuff but now the one time we grant someone a visa, we’re still somehow the bad guys?” a frustrated McEnany groused.

Elsewhere, Americans celebrated hitting the 3 million cases milestone by gathering in large and tightly packed crowds.