Tipperary Man Has Surprisingly Strong Opinions On New Dublin Mayor


THE appointment of Green Party councillor Hazel Chu as Lord Mayor of Dublin has sparked anger among a large number of online commentators, including a frankly unusual number for people from well outside the Dublin area who wouldn’t normally have much to say about the municipal duties of this or any other mayor, WWN can confirm.

“That’s the country fucked now”, posted one Tipperary man under a news article, despite Chu having little to no power over the running of the country.

“It’s a disgrace that the office of Mayor has been reduced to this” offered another commentator from the Midlands, who was later unable to name even one other Lord Mayor of Dublin.

“This’ll set Dublin back by years” stated yet another person with an Irish flag as their profile picture, not letting the fact that the position lasts just 12 months get in the way of their outburst.

Although the comments wishing Chu every success in her new position did exceed the negative ones, political correspondents were surprised to see so many people from across the county suddenly take an interest in the appointment.

“There has to be a reason why people would be coming out in their droves to offer poorly-spelled comments about Mayor Chu” mused one observer.

“Especially as a glance at their post history shows that they never really seem to care about who gets elected in their own town. In fact, most of them seem to primarily comment on articles about Direct Provision and football”.

So far, Ms. Chu has not replied to any of the comments, prompting online speculation that she may be in league with the reanimated corpse of Chairman Mao in a bid to turn Ireland into a ‘Mecca for Commies’.