Pervert Thrilled To Read Crime Details Of Other Perverts’ Perversions


CHECKING briefly to see if everyone was still asleep, sexual deviant and father-of-three Jack Lylanns scrolled through his favourite online newspaper feed, scanning for leads in the hopes of finding some stomach churning crime stories to read, preferably relating to sex.

“Oh, a murder in the woods, and she was in her late teens; I’ll be having some of that,” Lylanns muttered to himself, snapping his head back around again to check for the all clear, “Christ, I can only imagine the God awful things that monster did to that poor, poor girl”.

Now fixing his overheating genitals, forcing him to stand up and sit back down again, Lylanns continued on his quest ‘to feel wrong again’, quickly rubbishing any sudden thoughts that he may be in some way ill.

“No, Jack, you’re just interested in that kind of thing out of interest, there’s nothing else to it, you’re not a pervert or anything; you’d never do any of this – just read about it every single day,” the pervert continued to himself, thrashing his head from side to side in disgust at the vivid thoughts in his mind.

“Right, I better go for a run or something and shake this shit off,” the now reformed human being reasoned, before succumbing again to the dark side, “maybe I’ll come across a dead body on my way or something… aw for fuck sakes, Jack, cop on you weirdo!

“Jesus Christ man, if anyone could read your mind right now, they’d have you locked up!”