Man Back In Office Trying To Mute People During Meetings


CIARAN McClennan’s not so smooth return back to working in the office is, according to experts, just the latest example of how working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic may have a lasting impact on how we relate and interact to the world around us.

McClennan, a customer services rep for a utilities company has been sanctioned multiple times by HR on his first day back in the office, owing to the fact he’s tried to manually mute colleagues he isn’t arsed listening to in meetings – a hangover from his video conference heavy workload when working from home.

“Look, we’ve all to adjust back to normal 9-to-5 but Ciaran’s… I mean there’s the not wearing trousers for a start and he got up in the middle of a meeting to make a sandwich and has the TV on in the background. He needs to cop on, even I had the decency to rediscover the concept of wearing a bra,” confirmed McClennan’s manager Fiona Cartons.

The 35-year-old’s work from home habits continue to affect interactions in work with McClennan at one point growing bored of his background during one meeting, leading to him fetching a palm tree from an adjacent conference room, painting a beach scene on the wall and waiting for a reaction and for his colleagues to declare him ‘gas craic altogether’.

Speaking on his first day back, McClennan admits the adjustment hasn’t been altogether easy.

“That fucking mute button is broken on that sour shite in sales, Dave, he doesn’t half go on and the big plasma screen TV forehead on him, no wonder his wife cheated on him with Neil from accounts at the Xmas party,” McClennan explained to WWN, again failing to realise he hadn’t muted himself while in another in-office meeting with, among other people, Dave and Neil.