Court Hears John Delaney Still An Awful Prick


FORMER FAI CEO John Delaney has made the news again today as part of an ongoing OCDE investigation into the financial affairs of the FAI during his disastrous tenure.

The court heard of arrangements made by the corporate watchdog to clarify the nature of some documents and files with Delaney, who is currently residing and working in the UK, that were seized by the OCDE in February when it searched FAI HQ.

More importantly, the court also heard from a small group of Irish fans who gained access to the court to reiterate how much of an irredeemable and entitled prick the former FAI, UEFA but never respected man is.

“A prick, a prick, John Delaney’s a prick,” sang can-swilling, tricolour-wielding fans in gloriously out of tune unison, using football chants as their preferred method of sharing information with the court.

“A Mazars probe of FAI accounts found €95,000 in payments by the FAI to a former girlfriend of Delaney’s” went another jaunty chant.

While the judge declined to make the chants part of the case, it is believed Delaney will be unable to pint-buy his way out of interacting with the Irish legal system, nor is the court obliged to listen to pathetic ego-stroking anecdotes of giving the big men in FIFA what for.

The fans, throwing tennis balls and carrying ‘Delaney Out, Then Off To Prison If It’s Deemed He Committed Any Crimes’ placards were, as is tradition when you dare question Delaney, removed by security shortly after their attempts to remind the court of facts they believe are very much germane to the OCDE’s investigation.

Meanwhile, those in Ireland expecting some robust justice in the matter of white collar crime have been asked if they were born yesterday.