Senior Member Of Murderous Drug Cartel Accused Of Being A Boxing Promoter


IN A SAD case of the media once again tarnishing the spotless reputation of a standup citizen, member of notorious drug cartel Daniel Kinahan has been unfairly and irresponsibly labeled as a ‘boxing promoter’ in the wake of Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua securing a fight deal.

“No need to drag his name through the mud like that, when you label someone a ‘boxing promoter’ and don’t even give them a chance to film an embarrassingly shit video on YouTube as a response, a label like that can stick,” explained someone with knowledge of Kinahan cartel member Daniel Kinahan.

“Imagine someone reading ‘boxing promoter’ next to your name and suddenly they think horrible things like ‘lads with gloves on punching each other’ when in reality you’re just someone who is involved in a drug feud that has claimed 20 lives so far, not to mention countless more from the drugs themselves. He’ll get some slagging at the next meeting with the Russian mob,” added the individual.

“C’mon like, and associating him with someone like Fury who has a history of homophobic and misogynistic comments. He’s just an honest-to-God Narco terrorist and someone described by the Criminal Assets Bureau as managing and controlling the day-to-day operations of the Kinahan Organised Crime Gang,” shared the outraged Kinahan associate.

It is not known if Kinahan’s reputation can recover from being on the receiving end of such a targeted effort by the Irish media to out him to the rest of the world as a boxing promoter.