Waterford Mother Won’t Be Getting That Covid Vaccine, That’s For Sure


UP to eight potential Covid-19 vaccines are heading towards completion thanks to a 40-country, €7.4bn-backed effort to find a safe, viable vaccination to the disease that has ravaged the planet; not that Waterford woman Helen Keedale will be allowing it anywhere near her.

“I’m not letting Bill Gates put any of this Nano technology into me or my kids” said Keedale, apropos of nothing.

“Google ‘debunking Covid hoax’ and click on the third video down, and it’s all there. Gates, in conjunction with the Chinese bat people, backed by Clinton money, are all conspiring to give our kids autism by super-heating their brains with mercury in vaccines. I can’t believe you’re all stupid to believe this so-called ‘World Health Organisation’. Come on, people!”.

Keedale’s concerns are backed up by dozens of Facebook posts that she’s read, a ‘strong feeling’ that something is not right, assurances from a woman she went to school with, and ‘this really vivid dream’ she had a month ago.

“In my dream I saw a bat with syringes for fangs, and if you need any more convincing than that, I don’t know what to say to you” Keedale claimed, typing furiously under an online article titled ‘Finally Some Good Covid News’.

“They’re going to come for you and your children with guns that fire vaccine needles like tranquiliser darts. They’re going to force this vaccine into us one way or another, but I’m not going quietly. Who’s with me? I’m going to storm into Waterford General and French kiss every so-called Coronavirus patient I can find to prove that all of this, the whole thing, is a New World Order sham aimed at making huge profits for syringe companies while encasing the rest of us in a prison of the mind!”

Meanwhile, Keedale’s husband Mark has said that yeah, he’ll probably get the vaccine when it’s ready.