Kid Wants Something Again


THIS just in; parents across the country who are currently trying their hardest to juggle their new work-from-home lifestyle with a 24-hour parenting service have announced that all their kids are content at the moment, and need nothing.

UPDATE: Several kids have approached their parents looking for something.

UPDATE: Having helped their kids, parents can now return to work.

UPDATE: The kids want something again.

UPDATE: Parents are now struggling to find out what it is the kids want. The kids are having a hard time explaining.

UPDATE: Outbreak of kids claiming to be ‘bored’ – more to follow.

UPDATE: Boredom symptoms now spreading. Seems to be mixing with dreaded ‘I’m hungry’ complaints, despite lunch only being half an hour ago.

UPDATE: Fighting breaking out among sibling reported in some regions. Parental peace-keeping forces overwhelmed.

UPDATE: Order has been restored. Kids are fed, rested, and entertained. Parents are slowly beginning to return to work.

UPDATE: Kid wants something again.