Famine, Recession, Plagues Of Locusts: Some Non Covid-19 News To Brighten Your Day


UNDERSTANDABLY NUDGED from the front pages, TV news reports and online trending algorithms are some non Covid-19 news stories but many of these lesser seen stories could provide people with a pleasant escape from all the doom an gloom.

With that in mind WWN has gathered some of the bright spots of non Covid-19 news, allowing them to shine for you here below. Enjoy the welcome distraction:

Yemen is still in the throes of a famine precipitated by military action carried out by war-crime committing Saudi Arabia, facilitated by American and UK manufactured bombs.

Eurozone economies are projected to shrink by as much as 7.5% this year, eclipsing even the shrinkage seen way back in the depression days of the 1930s.

An invasion of locusts has created of food shortage problem for over 1 million Ethiopians.

“Aaaaaaaaaagh!” Oh, apologies, that anguished nihilistic cry of utter defeat is actually Covid-19 related.

Margaret Cashin won the parish lotto. €700. Not a peep out of her when it comes to treating her sister Anne to something nice though, she always was a tight cow.

The encouraging ceasefire in Idlib, Syria is hanging on by a hopeful thread.

In a sure sign that America intends to make no adjustments to what it expects or requests from its leading politicians, presumptive Democratic candidate for the US presidency Joe Biden, is now the subject of an alleged sexual assault accusation.