CONFIRMED: First Irish Corona Casualty As Couple Forced To Cancel Holiday


THE CORONAVIRUS was just a scary story, an old wives tale, an abstract concept that had no real world impact, no tragedy behind the dire warnings from the World Health Organisation. At least that was the case until today, when unimaginable real and true loss was suffered.

Cupping a hot mug in which her tea resides Caroline Goggins can barely get the words out even with the supportive arm of her husband Cormac around her shoulder.

“You know you watch the news and they say ‘thousands dead in China’ and it’s not a big deal but when a genuine tragedy strikes; a middle class couple like us having our holiday canceled, you sense this Coronavirus may be the real deal”.

“No one can know our pain,” the broken 33-year-old shared with WWN after the hotel in Italy they were due to stay in shuttered due to Covid-19. “We had all these plans but our life has changed forever,” Caroline continued, lamenting all the Instagram story updates she’ll never be able to make.

“Our room had a jacuzzi in it, I mean… an actual jacuzzi. Do you know how jealous that would have made all those bitches in work?” Caroline added before collapsing in the arms of her husband, her will to live diminishing by the second.

Taking over the story as his wife wailed into his chest, Cormac cut a slightly more understated tone.

“World leaders need to get the fucking finger out and realise how serious this is, and together, come up with a solution for how to compensate us and get us a new holiday, corona isn’t a joke anymore – it’s effecting real people like us now,” Cormac explained.

Sitting with them in their kitchen, the grief was palpable. Not wanting to outstay the kind welcome that was extended to us by plunging the Goggins into further anguish by talking about their horrific ordeal any more, WWN made its excuses and went to leave.

“Oh God, oh God, when will this pain ever end,” Cormac bleated as he was confronted with the couple’s suitcases in the hallway; suitcases packed for a holiday that would now never happen.