Subtle Signs Your Boyfriend May Be A ‘Joe’


WITH the romantic Netflix hit ‘You’ leaving women swooning over the epic tale of a man willing to go to all manner of lengths for the women he loves, more and more people are looking at their boyfriends, staring on with a mix of wonder, worry and hope; what if I’m not going out with a ‘Joe’?

One way to disprove your paranoia that your other half might not be as thoughtful and romantic as You’s lead character Joe is to keep an eye out for those subtle signs you may have missed that confirm you were worried over nothing.

Take notes:

Does he smell your hair when you’re asleep even though he doesn’t have a key to your apartment? What an amorous gent, a real throwback to when gentlemen were gentlemen.

Does he hide in shrubbery taking photos of you with a long lens camera? Well, sure how else are you going to get those genuinely candid, not-posed-for pictures for your Insta. He’s so thoughtful.

Have any disapproving friends who like to nose their way into your business? Have they disappeared or died in mysterious circumstances. Oh, that Bae of yours, working 9-to-5 as a regular Joe!

When you tell him your problems does it feel like he’s reading your mind or potentially hacked into your social media accounts and phone, reading your private conversations? Now, that’s relationship goals.

Is he constantly running weird voice over monologues in his head? He is? Great.

Does he have a murky past which he can use a justification for all manner of weird and troubling behaviour, and a decent body? Perfect!