Commemorations For 16 Killed In Croke Park By RIC Just Around The Corner, Government Promise


FINE Gael have pleaded with the public to look at the upcoming Royal Irish Constabulary commemorations as part of a ‘bigger picture’, adding that they fully intend to hold ceremonies for loads more people, including the 16 civilians shot dead by the RIC in Croke Park on Sunday the 21st November, 1920, also known as ‘the O.G. Bloody Sunday’.

Brushing aside the notion that the RIC, in particular their hated special division known as the Black & Tans, were actual war criminals who were a black stain on Irish history and should be consigned to the dustbin of history rather than commemorated with a ceremony paid for by public funding, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar instead insisted that ‘hey, that was a hundred years ago’, and besides, everyone was getting a ceremony.

“So yeah, the 16 players and spectators gunned down by the RIC, yeah, they’ll be getting plaques and things too,” said Varadkar, getting visibly angry that nobody liked his plans to celebrate the actual Black and fucking Tans.

Varadkar went on to rubbish suggestions that he should just scrap the RIC commemoration, seemingly forgetting this is an election year.