Farmers Asked If They’d Give Government A Hand Moving Printer


BEEF FARMERS currently protesting in Dublin City centre for the past two days have been politely asked if they could give the government a hand moving a very large printer in Leinster House, while they’re hanging about with their tractors outside and doing nothing.

Making the most out of a bad situation, Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed came out to address the crowd of farmers, playing on their good nature and reputation when it comes to helping strangers.

“Would one of ye give us a hand here and move this printer,” Creed asked the group of men, “the ink is gone already and the only way we can get in at the back is to move it out from the wall, but it’s too big and I dunno if even a tractor could shift it”.

Not ones to turn down a tractor based challenge, several farmers jumped at the chance to help, seemingly forgetting why they were in Dublin in the first place, now climbing into their tractor cabins to follow the Agriculture Minister down the road before right wing elements who have infiltrated the protest intervened.

“For Christ sakes culchies! Yis are meant to be protesting against the government, yis muppets, not helping them,” one man with a thick Dublin accent and wearing a yellow vest shouted, forcing the farmers to double think their actions.

Disgusted with themselves, the farmers disengaged their engines and climbed back down off their tractors, admitting the minister nearly had them.

“Please, whatever you do don’t carry on blocking traffic, that’s how you’ll get everyone on your side and turn them against the government,” Minister Creed pleaded sarcastically.