Prince Andrew Forced To Walk Naked Through London As Woman With Bell Chants ‘Shame’


THE Royal Family have brokered a deal with the public to finally put this whole ‘Prince Andrew Was Good Friends With A Billionaire Paedophile’ thing to bed, with a public shaming ceremony in London this Friday.

Lifting inspiration straight from the season 5 finale to Game Of Thrones, which aides to the Royals have confirmed is ‘very popular among the commoners’, Andrew will walk bollock naked from Piccadilly Circus to Buckingham Palace, while a woman walks behind him clanging a bell and chanting ‘shame’.

With assurances that everything all worked out for that Cersei character by the end of the show, Andrew has agreed to the walk after accepting that it ‘couldn’t be any worse than that Newsnight interview’.

“Rather than make the Prince face any actual criminal charges, we’re just going to give the serfs a bit of a show and life will move on” said a spokesperson for the Royal Family, as crowds of people began to line the streets of the route.

“Andrew jumped at the chance, after he learned that his ties to Epstein would no longer be an issue afterwards. He was only delighted to strip off and have the people of the UK pelt him with rotten fruit and spit in his face, if it meant that nobody would question him any further on what he got up to in Epstein’s house.  He’ll even buy the fruit himself!”

The public have agreed to allow Andrew to do ‘the Cersei walk’, if only they can get assurances that he too will eventually end up buried under a pile of rubble with his brother.