Local Racist Like The Cat That Got The Cream Watching Rosslare News


SMILING ear to ear for over 72 hours, local racist Martin Ponden can’t get enough of the news that 16 Kurdish men were found in a sealed container at Rosslare Harbour, thus seemingly proving years worth of his unsubstantiated racist rants were not racist in nature at all.

“This one isolated incident proves everything I’ve said about the Polish, the Nigerians, the ISISes, the Nigerians again, the Indians and Brazilians. Things like this restore your faith in shutting off all avenues to an open mind,” Ponden purred.

Cancelling all plans for the week to concentrate full time on bedding down into the comment sections of various online news platforms, Ponden laughed to himself at the thought of ‘do gooders’ trying to tell him to have compassion for Syrian orphans now.

Ponden took a brief break from smiling to endure a headache after trying to understand why, having become so angry at the news of the men entering Ireland, he was unhappy at hearing the majority of them have since left the country.

“Brain. Sore,” Ponden explained, before regaining some cognitive balance by posting ‘a mate of mine in immigration told me they all had guns on them’ referencing a non-existent mate and non-existent guns.

Elsewhere, the government confirmed it had little or no interest in taking leadership on this issue by tackling issues of immigration, Direct Provision and racism head on.