Ignoring China’s Imprisoning Of 1 Million Uighur Muslims, A Guide


TRYING TO COMPREHEND the full barbaric scale of the Chinese government rounding up and detaining over one million Uighur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province simply because their ethnic and religious minority status has been deemed not in keeping with Chinese ideals is near impossible.

However, judging by a quick glance at the media coverage there’s no need to lose any sleep over it as it appears the largest illegal imprisonment of people since the Nazis rounded up Jews as part of the Holocaust is beneath more important items such as Uber losing its London operating licence, ‘Which “Friends Character Are You Based On Your Thanksgiving Food Choices?’, and Dwayne Johnson and Danny Devito crashing a couple’s wedding.

The maddening indifference with which the details of the systemic and institutional savagery visited upon the Uighurs has been so far treated will come as a relief to people who thought they would be haunted by the spectre of living through the banal eradication of an ethnic group’s culture, customs and religion and feel guilty for not bothering to care.

“Oh thank fuck, I thought it would be like watching 9/11 the day it happened, or the Live Aid famine appeal; you know etched-in-the-memory-forever kinda stuff, but the coast is clear. I guess the official line is ‘let’s not give a shit'” shared one current UCD student, who can sleep soundly now they don’t have to wrestle with the fact their college continues to receive huge investment from the Chinese government.

“You know, I saw something about that as I scrolled past to some I’m A Celeb articles. It’s terrible, isn’t it? What they’re doing to Jacqueline Jossa,” shared one person working in Ireland for Huawei, a Chinese phone manufacturer.

“Ah, each to their own,” added the Irish government, who will be looking to further bolster foreign direct investment year on year from a brutal regime headed by Xi Jinping.

Elsewhere, Germany has gone on record to state it hopes it remains the world’s reluctant record holder for the largest unlawful and inhumane imprisonment in human history until the end of time, but regrettably, having looked at the international response to treatment of the Uighurs, China should have no problem flying past that target unopposed.