Local Man’s ‘Genuine Fears’ About Immigrants Sound Suspiciously Similar To Baseless Racist Stereotyping


LOCAL MAN Anthony Ringley voiced his ‘genuine fears’ for the umpteenth time this week following the news that 16 men were lucky to be found alive in a sealed container on an Irish ferry bound for Rosslare Port.

“‘Immigrants’, ‘refugees’, economic migrants, I don’t discriminate – they all feature in my made up stats and figures laced with xenophobia that I use in place of any reasonable argument,” explained a worked up Ringley.

“The EU hates white people and that’s not some sort of Neo-Nazi conspiracy theory that’s not based on fact,” said Ringley of the completely made up Neo-Nazi conspiracy theory that is based solely on the malicious hatred of non-white people.

Experience has shown that when Ringley is corrected on his completely made up facts, figures and anecdotes which masquerade as genuine concerns, his arguments begin to resemble something called ‘overt racism’.

“Ireland takes in the most refugees,” Ringley said of the 2,500 refugees taken in by Ireland over the last four years, which, using Ringley’s keen eye for math, is much more that the 3.7 million refugees in Turkey, to give just one example.

“We’re a soft touch,” said Ringley of the Direct Provision system which sees asylum seekers wait an average of 3 years and 8 months in overcrowded and unhygienic prison-like conditions while an application is processed.

“They’re lazy spongers,” added Ringley of migrants that studies have consistently shown to contribute more to an economy than they take from it.

“Varadkar the spineless idiot gives them all free houses,” Ringley hitting his stride, said of the Taoiseach who most recently said of asylum seekers that if they don’t like Direct Provision there’s always tents.

“Wow, did he? I always liked Varadkar,” continued Ringley.

“I don’t care if they’re kids, if they were going to ‘die’ in a ‘war’. Criminals, terrorists, moochers the lot of them. I fucking hate them all and no facts are going to convince me otherwise,” Ringley concluded, finally being totally honest.