Inconsiderate Wheelchair User Out On Road Again


NOTORIOUS wheelchair-bound roadhog James Whelan has been at it again; the Waterford man was spotted this morning out on the road instead of on the footpath where he should be.

The 28-year-old wheelchair user is well known around town for frequently wheeling out onto the street, putting himself in considerable danger from traffic, with many believing that the young man is doing “some sort of wheelchair extreme sports”.

While motorists are concerned for his well-being, they expressed vexation at his persistent presence on the road instead of staying on the footpath like normal, able-bodied pedestrians.

“Does he want to be more paralysed, or what?” groused one motorist, annoyed that Whelan had nearly scratched his speeding car.

“Sure what’s in his way on the footpath? Cars parked up on the kerb? Broken paving slabs? Sandwich boards? The odd skip? Footpaths that narrow down to 18 inches in places? Wheelie bins? People standing around talking who won’t get out of the way? None of that stops me when I’m walking through town. You don’t see me risking life and limb going out on the road over those things”.

Whelan was unavailable for comment as he was navigating his way around a van parked beside a car parked alongside a bicycle with a dog tied to it.