Yas Queen! 5 Female Icons We’ve Done Very Little Research On!


WWN GASH has always been committed to celebrating women ever since such things became an emerging and profitable section of the online publishing sector.

As a singularly supportive voice for women, unparalleled across the media landscape, we have thrown together a feel-good list of 5 female icons that’s so light on actual research and detail you know we care deeply.

1) Amelia Earhart

Yas Queen! Flew planes at a time when women didn’t fly planes etc etc. Next time you’re in the sky thank Amelia!

Not impressed by our dedication to celebrating female icons? Well we guarantee you’ll change your mind when you realise that we employed and will continue to employ (as long as commercially viable) women to copy and paste this information from superior sites that have a genuine interest in these things.

2) Eleanor Roosevelt

Married to a US president! But she was so much more than just a ‘First Lady’ though. We’d go into more detail but her Wikipedia looks very long at first glance.

3) Marie Curie

Science and shit! What an icon. Not iconic enough for us to expand beyond this fairly threadbare list though. You’ve got Google for stuff like that.

4) Golda Meir

A female prime minister all the way back in 1969! Going for Golda! Mentioning she was the leader of Israel could detract from your appreciation of her Yas Queenness depending on your political leanings but would we judge men in a similar way? Probably!

5) Emily Pankhurst

Bitch said I want vote, bitch got vote! Slay slay slay! No wait, it’s Emmeline Pankhurst. Emmeline? Weird name.

Obviously we could have listed so many other female icons and gone into so much more detail, but our business model doesn’t allow for any resources to be put into this stuff in earnest. However, if that changes at any point we’ll promise to copy and paste in more detail next time.