Get A Load Of This Cunt


IN A series of tweets which will invigorate his supporters who respond positively to his universal message of hating people who aren’t white, notorious thunder-cunt Donald Trump has again dragged American politics and its discourse to depths where only oddly translucent blob fish in the Mariana Trench have dared to plunge before.

“Get a load of this cunt,” confirmed a wide variety of people who possessed an acute appreciation for hearing or reading the racist bile and coming to the conclusion that it is indeed horrifyingly racist bile.

However, at no point did anyone even entertain the idea that Trump’s latest racist tirade could lead to his fellow Republicans developing a spine and declaring enough is enough.

“No, seriously get a load of this racist bastard,” added yet more people who will spend the remainder of the day rubbing their eyes in disbelief at what they’ve read and how this, along with inhumane conditions children in detention centres are subjected to, or the President’s links to alleged paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, isn’t in any way the beginning of the end.

Many people have taken sobering lessons from this latest incident, chief among them Donald Trump, who is once again learning that he can get away saying pretty much anything.

“He’s going to fucking ask why we ‘can’t just call them coloureds or Negroes anymore’ next, isn’t he?” confirmed some people.

In the wake of Trump’s deeply racist comments, many Americans are searching for advice on how to push back with experts suggesting ‘start preparing for another 4 years of this shit’.