Britain To Get Back Onto Brexit As Soon As Game Of Thrones Is Over


THERESA May has confirmed that her government will get back into the ‘heavy lifting’ of Brexit once all distractions are out of the way, specifically next week’s Game Of Thrones series finale.

Draft legislation that would allow the stalled Brexit process to continue is expected to be revealed at the start of June, once ministers can devote their full attention to the nuance of leaving the EU without being distracted by the dragon-based goings-on in Westeros.

May has admitted that the bulk of her Brexit extension has been eroded by MPs who couldn’t stop discussing the actions of Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion and the gang, but once things wrap up they’ll get it ‘knocked out pretty handy’.

“OK, so we had about a month of discussing Avengers Endgame, then we were straight onto GOT,” stated May, who reckons it’s Sansa for the Iron Throne, in case you’re interested.

“It’s hard to get really stuck into intense EU legislation and trade deals and the like when you’ve got heated arguments going on about whether or not Dany was right to do what she did. And then you have a mourning period for every character that dies, and hey, let’s not forget meme sharing and having a right laugh. But yeah, this weekend it’s over, give us another week to digest it, then boom; Brexit. It’ll be grand”.

Tory MPs have stated that they sincerely hope Brexit moves forward swiftly and smoothly, because Stranger Things is back soon.