POLL: Should Free Speech Be Taxed?

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WHILE our glorious leader and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar parades around Paris with world leaders in a bid to tackle the world’s ‘biggest problem’, hate speech, WWN poses the question: should we now consider taxing free speech?

For hundreds of thousands of years, speech has been widely used by humanity relatively tax free and has allowed our race to communicate with one another on a personal level, but different language variations of speech has also divided the human race into hundreds of separate dialects and is in part responsible for just about every conflict on the planet since time began.

Without speech there would be no religious beliefs, no political interference, no girlfriend talking over your favourite programs and most important of all, no best man speeches. So, should this exchanging of audible words and phrases be taxed?

Have your say below.

POLL: Should Free Speech Be Taxed?

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