Will You Be Boycotting Ireland Until It Apologises To John Delaney?


IT HAS never been more important to say enough is enough in the long arduous fight to support selfless father and inventor of Irish football John Delaney.

John needs all the help he can get, now more than ever. It’s been a tough week which has seen firefighters called to dislodge Michael Healy Rae’s tongue from his hole. The industrial strength glue used by Healy Rae proved very hard to melt and it stings in that confusingly pleasurable way.

The horrible campaign against this courageous man, the sordid mob that hounds him, they’ll will stop at nothing in their quest to get him to answer a few simple questions; the need to boycott Ireland until it sees the error of its way is clear.

Those deranged individuals who are frothing at the mouth with their pitchforks politely saying “honestly, if you could just answer a few simple questions that’d be great, thanks” are now laughably suggesting boycotting FAI commercial partners such as New Balance and Three until real change is ushered in at the FAI. Lunacy.

WWN can no longer stand for this, the question is will you join us in boycotting Ireland until it collectively apologises to Delaney, and sure look if there’s something we can sort out for him by way of financial compensation, we’d be all for that too?

Renounce your citizenship, burn your passport, leave the country, pretend you don’t like Guinness or Enya, whatever it takes to show you intend to boycott Ireland until Delaney is given the open top bus parade down O’Connell St he deserves.

Who among us hasn’t sat for 8 hours in an Oireachtas committee while questions were asked that only you knew the answers to and instead of providing answers you just decided to sit there in complete silence?

What has ever been gained by trying to hold people and organisations to account? That sounds very un-Irish to us and frankly, Ireland doesn’t deserve this man.

The man’s €3,000 per month rent is no longer paid by the FAI, hasn’t he suffered enough?