We Wanted To Cover Direct Provision But Then These Racist Pricks Appeared In The Comments


NEW figures from the Department of Justice have confirmed over 500 asylum seekers now live in emergency accommodation in hotels and B&Bs due to Direct Provision centres being at full capacity.

WWN had prepared itself to compile an article on the news, however, the whole endeavour has been ruined by some racist pricks who piled into the comments section with ignorant and deliberately inaccurate comments.

“I’m not allowed to be racist out loud at home or in public so I’m coming here to tell you they’re all liars, they’re not from Syria or wherever, and if they’re orphaned kids, they’re not, they’re actually 8 ISIS fighting Economic Migrants disguised as children who wants to force us all to speak honours level Sharia English,” typed one man, red from rage.

Despite most people possessing the intellect to understand that concurrent and persistent issues such as homelessness, housing shortages, A&E trolleys, traffic congestion, lack of rural and low pay for nurses can all be solved with competent governmental policies and are not directly caused by refugees fleeing persecution and war, these racist pricks in the comments section had other ideas.

“We have to look after our own, plus, I don’t like having to change my mind or find out I’m actually brain dead, so let me have my not-so-casual-anymore racism and leave me to it,” confirmed another individual who always makes sure to never read any articles before taking a dump on refugees in the comments section.

WWN had every intention of explaining the continued issues with Direct Provision centres and how the government is continuing to fail in its duty to asylum seekers, but these pricks in the comments have sort of ruined it for everyone.

“They should take what they’re given and then they should be made to walk the length and breath of the country barefoot, knocking on doors and saying thank you to everyone. It’s our tax that’s paying for all of this, after all,” confirmed another racist, who actually doesn’t pay taxes and is just angry at himself for doing fuck all with his life.

“I dunno, the more we let in, the more racism we’ll have and that’s fine by me ‘cus I hate them all,” confirmed another enthusiastic racist whose comment worryingly proved very popular, and with the way we’re going could help him become Taoiseach in another few years.

The purpose of this article was to highlight the plight of vulnerable people fleeing persecution, but honestly, what’s the point when the internet these days seems purposefully designed to reward divisive and vile racism.

“I know of one family who is conning the system,” added another racist, who’d have a point if he hadn’t just made the whole thing up on the spot and failed to pass on his entirely fabricated account to the relevant authorities.

“Why don’t they go home if they don’t like it, I’d never find myself in their situation,” confirmed another low functioning prick who had the good fortune of never having his town and family bombed into oblivion like these economic migrants who are only fibbing with their sob stories.

Before WWN could distract readers of this article and coax them away from the toxic comments section with plainly worded facts generated from basic research, this article was suddenly set on fire.