‘Toilet Seat’, ‘Plank’ & ‘Feces’ 2019’s Most Popular Baby Names


EDGING out mainstays like Jack, Emily, Conor and Amelia, the Central Statistic Office (CSO) has revealed the most popular (and admittedly surprising) names of the 2018 which are set to dominate again in 2019.

Toilet Seat, Plank and Feces are the out-there names which have achieved popular status this year as new parents reject more traditional names.

“Parents are just ‘done’ with the boring, run of the mill names of their parent’s generation and they’re not shy in picking bespoke, one-off, truly beautiful names,” Trunk O’Brien, head of Baby Naming Research at the CSO shared WWN Parenting.

“It could also be a response to the idea that babies are just meant to be cute but in this day and age, names begin to reflect the current mood of parents, who are reacting to the world around them”.

Toilet Seat topped the charts for girls names, while Feces was number one for boys, with Plank representing the reliable and durable name, befitting of all genders.

“We wanted to gift our child a sense that they are unique, one-of-a-kind, but I guess it backfired,” confirmed one irate parent, who wouldn’t have named their child Toilet Seat if they knew everyone else was doing it.

Elsewhere, at the other end of the charts, new entries included weird old people names like Fidelma and Albert. Names set to grow in popularity as first names include New Fone, Who Dis?, Whatever The Kardashians Are Doing and Dutch Gold.