St. Stephen’s Green Toilets Revealed To Be Cheapest Accommodation In Dublin


A NEW report has highlighted a loophole in the Dublin rental market that could save accommodation-seekers hundreds on their monthly rent, by simply moving into the pay-per-use toilets in St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre.

At 20c per micturition, the toilets in the Green have always been one of the most expensive places in Dublin City center to spend a penny. But with toilet attendants allowing users up to 15 minutes ‘grace’ before knocking on the stall doors, suddenly the area becomes the cheapest roof over your head in such a prime location.

Netting out at less than €1 per hour, staying in the toilets of St. Stephen’s Green works out at approximately €24 per day allowing for occasional attendants who demand 50c and kick you out after 5 minutes, which roughly translates to €720 per month; easily cheaper than similar accommodation which could run you up to €1,200 a month for the same time period.

“There’s a one-bedroom flat which consists of a toilet with a pillow in it, above a shop in the St. Stephen’s Green area currently listed on Daft for a grand a month,” said housing expert Derek Eaves.

“For less than that, you get a nicer-smelling location in close proximity to shops, with a doorman or door lady there at all times. All you have to do is walk out every 15 minutes, throw another 50c in the basket, then go back in and read a book or whatever”.

Management at the Green have jumped on the idea and will agree to allow the toilets to remain open for 24 hours a day so that people will not have to go out and fill 8 hours of their time wandering around, which already puts the scheme ahead of the government’s emergency hotel accommodation situation.