“Can I Sue My Old School?” Revealed As Ireland’s Most Googled Term


NEW data released by search engine Google and to a lesser extent search engine Bing have revealed that the most searched for terms in Ireland all revolve around whether or not we as a nation are entitled to compensation arising from our time in school.

With queries ranging from ‘denied adequate career advice’ to ‘routinely struck by this one prick of a teacher’, over 5 million searches took place in January of this year alone, throughout all counties.

The searches are followed by additional terms such as ‘surely that couldn’t have been allowed’ and ‘can I sue these bastards’, showing that a lot of people are finally realising that their school days were less than normal.

“Corporal punishment was banned in 1982, but it appears that almost 100% of Irish teachers didn’t get the memo,” said one data analyst.

“So you see all that reflected in the searches. There’s a lot of things from our school days that we would have laughed about over pints for twenty years, ‘wasn’t it gas when…’, you know the way Irish people are when handling repressed emotions. But now, it’s dawning on people that the education system in Ireland was a fucking joke, and they’re pissed as hell”.

Although ‘Am I entitled to compensation after a shit education’ may be the highest-searched term in Ireland, unfortunately the most common response to that search is just a series of laughing emojis.