Public Shocked To Learn Government In Bed With Multinationals


THE IRISH public let out a shrill cry before dramatically fainting after learning its government may have shown preferential treatment to multinationals operating in Ireland, WWN can reveal.

Claims made in The Observer newspaper this weekend suggest Facebook has for a number of years aggressively lobbied politicians in the EU, including former Taoiseach Enda Kenny, in a bid to water down GDPR legislation which would make business harder for the data gathering social network.

The revelation that the Irish government could be persuaded to bend over and say ‘spank me Daddy, do whatever you want with me’ to big multinational firms has sent shockwaves through the Irish electorate, who have become outraged by the attempt to disrupt democracy in Ireland.

“Yeah multi-nationals actually employ a lot of people and are essential to the economy so they can ride us raw for all I care,” confirmed one member of the Irish probably on the way to protest at Facebook’s Dublin HQ, having had enough of politicians putting businesses ahead of people.

Apologising for allegedly using Irish diplomatic services as a tool for Facebook’s business interests at EU level, the government begged for the public’s forgiveness.

“Eh, of course we fucking let the Multis do what they like, they have fucking money. You dipshits.” confirmed the government.

“If they asked us to murder you in exchange for some extra investment, we’d have you buried and a sympathy card sent to your loved ones in 5 minutes flat,” concluded the government, backed up by opposition parties if they were being honest.