Liverpool Fans Explain Finishing 2nd Is Actually A Massive Achievement


DESPITE their team possessing a commanding lead at one point this season, Liverpool fans have today explained to other football fans who don’t quite understand the game the way they do, what a huge achievement it is finishing second to an imperious Manchester City side.

“Going into this season we always said finishing second would be an amazing achievement and we’re delighted,” confirmed one Liverpool fan while on the phone to the printers trying to cancel his order of a 4-mile long ‘Champions 2019’ banner.

Helping to educate lesser knowledgeable fans who get confused on the details sometimes, Liverpool supporters informed anyone who would listen that to imply winning the league was ever a realistic ambition is simply not true.

“People are acting like we had a 7-point lead or something and that we had been boasting. We just want to take a moment to tell other fans to appreciate how amazing and hard it is to finish behind this truly magnificent City side. This isn’t some once in a lifetime chance we have completely cocked up,” added another fan, as he deleted all his texts and social media posts about this season that talked of winning the league.

Now quite clearly crying, Liverpool fans gathered together to repeat phrases they believed could lesson the substantial pain of throwing the league away, chanting ‘we’re not on the same level financially’ and ‘this is a young team’.

When we tried to inform Liverpool fans that there were some league games left to play this season we were dismissed and told ‘like we said, it’s a huge achievement to finish second. I’m not sure people fully understand that’.