Christy Moore Opens Eyes For First Time In 30 Years Following Surgery


LEGENDARY singer-songwriter Christy Moore caught a glimpse of the world around him for the first time in over 30 years, following a revolutionary surgical procedure that pried his tightly-shut eyelids open.

Christy Moore, born Christy Moore, has suffered from a rare optical condition called squintivitis since hitting the big time with Planxty back in the mid seventies. Brought on from his years of banging out emotionally charged folk songs, the condition had left the Kildare-born crooner almost 100% blind, until the intervention of a radical new surgery.

Moore went under the knife last weekend, and shared an emotional moment with his family this morning when the bandages finally came off and a 100% field of vision returned to the Ride On singer.

“Mr. Moore has responded very well to the procedure, and is sitting up eating rice grain by grain at the moment,” said Dr. Ian Seawell, head of optometry in the Mater Hospital.

“When he came in here last week, he looked like he was wincing all the time, like he’d just stubbed his toe getting out of bed. But now, look at him; big, bulbous eyes just sticking out there. It’s… an odd look for anyone familiar with Christy, to be honest. He sang us Ordinary Man earlier today and, well, I won’t lie, it looked fucking weird”.

With the eye surgery a success, Moore will now undergo a procedure to unclench his jaw for the first time since the mid-nineties.