Protesters Gather Outside Home Of Protesters


THERE has been widespread condemnation this morning after tense scenes in Dublin overnight, where a group of protesters held demonstrations outside the homes of a group of protesters who held demonstrations outside the home of several TDs, WWN can confirm.

Working under the hashtag ‘Bring it to the doors of the bring it to their doors crowd’, the small number of sign-wielding yellow-jacket wearing demonstrators staged a barrier outside the house of suspected members of the so-called Fingal Battalion, while said members of the so-called Fingal Battalion were out protesting outside the house of Minister Richard Bruton, and later the Taoiseach himself, Leo Varadkar.

With condemnation for this new group of protesters gathering on social media, another group set out to the homes of the under-siege Fingal Battalion protesters to protest against the Fingal Battalion protest protesters.

“There’s a time and a place to protest, and we’re protesting against those who overstep the boundaries of what constitutes a protest and what doesn’t” said a spokesperson for the… just let us check here now… Protest Protest Protesters.

“And what’s more… wait, are we at the right house? Derek, get on your phone, check the Facebook group. Is this the right house? What time is it down for? Don’t check the page itself, go into Events and check upcoming, I think it’s down under ‘Big protest this weekend’… no? Nothing? Have you got Battalion spelled right? You do? Try it spelled with two ‘L’s and see what comes up”.

With nobody really knowing what the fuck going on, everyone went home, where more groups were waiting to protest against them.