Rugby For Wankers Anyway, Agree Irish


A NEWLY-produced report on the relevance of the game of rugby to Irish people has shown that ‘it’s just a load of old bollocks for sad bastards’, and has little or no merit in the grander scheme of things.

The study was started on Saturday at around half past six, roughly around the time that England were wrapping up their comprehensive victory over Ireland in some stupid, inconsequential tournament called the Six Nations, a tournament that many can’t see being around for much longer because ‘it’s all just a load of shite’.

Although pro-rugby sentiment had admittedly been on the rise in Ireland over the last 12 months, Saturday’s game was conclusive proof that only wankers like rugby and there’s plenty of better things to be doing with your time than watching it.

“Rugby? Nah, never liked it,” said one man leaving Lansdowne Road on Saturday, while stuffing his Ireland jersey into a bin.

“I much prefer sports like, what’s that other one, the one we’re good at… not soccer, no… GAA? Ugh, no, too common… ah, yes, Laser radial! You know, the boat racing? Love a bit of laser radial, I do. Me and the lads, on a weekend, few pints, watch the laser radial, COYBIG and all that. This rugby shit? Nah, leave it to the English, they’re welcome to it”.

Meanwhile the English have proven themselves once again to ‘be a shower of cunts’ after celebrating their win over the Irish like they’re fucking better than us or something.