8 Seans Under 30 That You Are Just Going To LOVE!


THE much anticipated annual list of the world’s top emerging Seans has been released. A joint list effort in conjunction with the Irish Times, the New York Times, the UN, Buzzfeed and WWN Sean, the list which is in its 13th year is bigger and better than ever.

These Seans, all under 30, are the best Seans that Seans have to offer and it shows! Feast your eyes on this year’s collection of standout Seans that we guarantee you’re going to love!

Seán Managan. The first entry into the list and it’s a humdinger. He’s got everything you look for in a Seán and more. Don’t try to deny it, you’re going to love this Seán.

Séan Gahy. Sound out, and isn’t even that bothered when you put a fada over the ‘e’ in his name and not the ‘a’. Moved to London there about two years ago and really got his act together in fairness. Is after having a baby with the missus. Top Sean.

Seán Eze. Voted ‘Seán most likely to make you smile’ at the annual International Congress Of Seans, Seán Eze can’t suppress his Seán-ness and why would he? Set up the Sean-Locator App in 2015, which connects fellow Seans with each other. He’s a blockbuster, action-packed Seán that you’re going to love.

Sean Hartha. This Sean is a real goofball, previously ‘Seaghán’, he adopted the shorter, easier to spell in 2015 and it’s really paid off as this is his 2nd appearance on the Best Seans Under 30 list. What a chilled out dude, just look at him!

Seán Caffrey. The Creme de la Seán. As laid back as they come, doesn’t hog conversations, is a good listener. He’s well put together, never forgets to call his Mam and seems to be carving a nice career out for himself in the IT sector. Peak Seán.

Sean Smith. The type of Sean that’s always willing to fill in at the last minute in your 5-a-side football team if you’re short on numbers. Good for a lift into town the odd time too ‘cus he doesn’t drink. Why? Well, it all sort of went to his head when he made the list three times in a row in 2012, 2013, 2014 but at 28 he’s a real steady Sean these days. Working in the bank. Fair dues.

Sean Ward. The go-to Sean for Sunday brunches and coffees. Sean!

Seán Downes. At only 18 he’s our youngest Sean on the list. He’s only now fully growing into his Sean-ness but early signs are you’re going to love, love, love him.

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