Local TD ‘Delighted’ To Take Credit For Funding He Had No Involvement In


CAREFULLY crafting a post on his personal Facebook page, Tipperary TD Marty McDonoghue announced the latest local investment news to his tens of dedicated of followers in the hopes they will somehow believe he’s the one responsible for it, WWN can confirm.

Despite having no previous knowledge of the €10mn funding for local IT business TechTron, McDonoghue wasted no time in chiming in on the development, posting several pictures of the company HQ which he sourced from Google images.

“I am delighted to welcome a €10mn funding for local SME TechTron. Well done to Mark and his team for all their hard work over the years and it has finally paid off”, McDonoghue worded, after googling to see the CEO’s name.

“This is yet another massive boost for Tipperary jobs and enterprise that I’ve announced in the last few weeks and I am looking forward to seeing the completed project and the improvements to TechTron over the next few years,” he then added.

Like clockwork, dozens of people commented under his announcement, thanking McDonoghue for all his hard work in bringing them the good news.

“Fantastic news, Marty,” one constituent said.

“Well done Marty, delighted for TechTron and well deserved. Keep up the good work,” said another.

Happy with his progress, McDonoghue went on to check the local obituary news to see what funerals he can claim expenses for today.