May Delays Brexit Vote Until 30th Of February


FOR A SECOND time in recent weeks British PM Theresa May has sparked consternation and chaos in the Houses of Parliament by cancelling a vote on her Brexit deal at the last minute, this time delaying it until the 30th of February.

Critics of the PM have stated her motivation for delaying is transparent as it was clear the Tory leader would suffer an embarrassing and potentially career ending defeat in the Commons.

Confirmation of the vote now set to take place on Tuesday the 30th of February will be formally announced by May this afternoon according to insiders, and the decision has caused much fury among hardline Hard Brexit advocating MPs.

“To delay it once is not on, but to do it a second time is a disgrace. Has she even checked the availability of MPs on the 30th of Feb? We’re busy in our constituencies, it’s not on,” confirmed one MP.

May has told those closest to her that she feels delaying the vote until the 30th of February will give her the chance to win over some MPs, and providing no one looks at a calendar, victory will be hers.

Speaking to party colleagues, some visibly irate, some visibly out of touch, May is believed to have said “the people want us to get on with this. No more pointless bickering. Brexit means Brexit. And that’s just what we’ll vote for come the 30th of February. See you all in parliament then! I can’t wait, really looking forward to it actually”.