Penneys Have Unveiled A €12 Dress That Disintegrates After Its First Wash


OMG Penneys have done it again!

Who doesn’t love a bargain at everyone’s favourite retail outlet? And Penneys have pulled it out of the bag again with this unreal looking dress for a fraction of what it costs in every other shop and let’s just not ask ourselves how ‘cus well, ya know!

We love. love. LOOOOOOOVE this dress like we love being unique and individual, are we right girls?

We need this dress!

We were scoping out the Penneys Instagram account like we occasionally stalk our ex online (are we right girls???) and stop the lights, this dress is gorgeous, and only €12. Bargain town!

Penneys slay everyday as we all know but they’ve gone above and beyond with this one, and with that price it’s a God send after spending most of our money on gin cocktails at the weekend (we are so relatable!)

Only downside, and it’s only a wee one but after one wash a size 16 shrinks to a size 6-12 months baby grow and it slowly disintegrates while you wear it. Any further exposure to oxygen or rain just speeds up the process, but you’ll gorge until that happens.

It’s a divine dress and probably good for the first 30 minutes of a night, just make sure to bring a back up dress for when this one starts reducing away to nothing. In fact, the original dress Penneys copied the design from is available for quadruple the price and unlike the Penneys version isn’t completely obliterated by wind speeds over 3kph.

Penneys for the win!