Starling Murmuration Spells ‘Piss Off’ To Mesmerised Visitors


HUNDREDS of visitors have flocked to County Meath, Ireland this month to witness the mesmerising murmuration of starlings creating unique shapes and messages in the evening sky, WWN can confirm.

Thousands of starlings gathered over the village of Nobber in the sky yesterday evening in their usual display, however, revelers were greeted with a special message in the sky.

In a picture taken by amateur photographer Daniel Ryan, the words ‘Piss Off’ can be clearly seen crafted out by the swirling birds.

“There were hundreds of amazed people staring at the starlings making weird noises of appreciation when the birds suddenly started swooping closer to us,” Ryan recalls with his mind. “They seemed quite aggressive and at one point I could have sworn the birds mimicked a hand giving the middle finger.

“By the time I got out my camera to take the snap they had the words spelled out in the sky, which was perfect timing,” he added.

Other witnesses have also since come forward, stating the birds spelled other words too, including the phrases ‘Private Function’ and ‘Nosey Pricks’.

“I guess this particular breed of starling are more private than others and just want to be left the fuck alone,” expert in starling behaviour Dr. Terence Holden told WWN.