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Meath & Westmeath Meet At Kinnegad For Reunification Talks

DELEGATIONS from the warring counties descended on the border town of Kinnegad, which was chosen as the venue for the first official reunification talks between the two entities. The People’s Republic of Proper Meath and the Sovereign Socialist Republic County of Westmeath arrived to the demilitarised zone of the Tesco’s car-park, bidding to end a… Read more »

Starling Murmuration Spells ‘Piss Off’ To Mesmerised Visitors

HUNDREDS of visitors have flocked to County Meath, Ireland this month to witness the mesmerising murmuration of starlings creating unique shapes and messages in the evening sky, WWN can confirm. Thousands of starlings gathered over the village of Nobber in the sky yesterday evening in their usual display, however, revelers were greeted with a special message in the sky. In a picture taken… Read more »