Increasing Number Of Youths Wearing Ankle Scarves So They Don’t Get Cold


WITH naked-ankle based fashion choices, also known as ‘flanking’, still very much in vogue especially among young people, a new trend is emerging which combats the one downside to being fashion-forward in cold temperatures.

As temperatures remain on the chilly side, adolescents have taken to tying ankle scarves to their exposed ankles in a bid to avoid freezing to death.

“Long trousers are only worn by auld lads who haven’t a clue,” explains Dennis Hanlon (18). “But I’ve had pneumonia of the ankle twice this year, it’s a real thing look it up, and my doctor warned me I could lose my ankles, so I wear those cool miniature ankle scarves for safety’s sake.”

The often hand-knitted ankle scarves sell well on numerous online platforms, and are believed to be the biggest seller with ASOS, BooHoo and other retailers.

Practical: As soon as you’re ankles warm up, the ankle scarves which come in a range or styles and patterns, can be easily removed without compromising on your fashion tastes.

As with all new fashion trends, faux pas can be committed: “Never use the one scarf for both legs!” warned Dennis pointing to a scar on his forehead.

“It seems like a good idea at first, but it is not.”

Ankle scarves will take centre stage at Milan fashion week where Stella McCartney, Versace and many other designers will unveil their own ankle scarf collections as this new trend seems here to stay.