Is Flicking Yourself In The Testicles The New Trend You Have To Try?


IT’S hard to know what trend or fad is worth taking up. Sometimes you put all your time and energy into something like Hygge only to find out everyone actually thinks it’s a load of bollocks or you go full throttle for a new superfood like avocados only to discover they’re terrible for the environment and that buying them lines the pockets of gangs in Mexico.

There’s never been a more uncertain time when it comes to picking and choosing a winning trend so you look cool, one you can get in on the ground floor on and act all superior about when your friends ask ‘have you heard of this new thing called…’

WWN got wind of the word on the trendy street that B’luckflikken, a Norwegian way of ‘centering oneself’ is all the rage now. B’luckflikken, also know as flicking your bollocks really hard in a bid to really hurt yourself thus ridding your mind of other worries and concerns could be this coming year’s big trend.

Should you take it up so you can bore everyone you know to death with talk of how it changed your life and ‘you should try it’? WWN investigates.

On first try it was clear that fucking hell, that’s sore. But we concede, we forgot all about the haunting memory of running over that dog, or how we were psychologically tortured by our mother.

This act of mindfulness was really transforming the way we thought.

It was by the 6th or 7th attempt when we finally lost consciousness and awoke in truly horrific pain, our testicle now a dark purple colour as we raced to the A&E department we never felt less concerned with material things or stupid things like the stress of being able to pay the bills.

We were so centred and focused solely on awaiting the doctors diagnosis – had we so savagely flicked our testicle that it would have to be operated on or do we just stand around and wait for it to fall off?

A clear indication, if ever there was one, that this is one trend you should definitely take up.