Top 5 Christmas Gadgets To Throw In The Bin


WITH Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at this year’s must-bin gadget gifts, perfect for handing to a brother-in-law or co-worker that you barely know, in a bid to get around the awkwardness of gift-giving without just coming straight out and giving them a 20 euro note.

In no particular order, here’s five gifts that look like they cost a fair bit of cash and involved a fair bit of effort, despite the exact opposite being true.

1) Tactical Flashlight

Nothing says ‘here’s a gift, I suppose’ like a really, really bright flashlight. Give it to your dad! Give it to your mum! Give it to the dog, who cares, it’s just going straight into the bin with the wrapping paper on the 27th.

2) Phone charger thing

Everyone has a phone, everyone runs out of battery sometimes… so what would be a better gift than a powerbank thing that you can use to charge your phone on the go? Best of all, you can pick these things up at pretty much any petrol station so you don’t have to go to any effort whatsoever.

3) Swiss army knife 

Your brother may not be nine, but that doesn’t mean that he’d turn his nose up at a a Swiss army knife. Make sure to get one that has a knife, a pair of scissors, and a thing for digging rocks out of horses hooves. Perfect for sitting in his drawer all year long!

4) Back massager chair yoke

Look, it’s Christmas. You have to spend money on people, it’s just the law. A shiatsu chair massage pad is as good a thing to spend money on as anything else. Don’t waste time reading this; go spend some money! Order now! Someone will want it, and if they don’t, who cares? Your end of the deal has been fulfilled!

5) USB key

Ideal. Who doesn’t love portable media storage. If you can get one in the shape of Yoda or whatever the fuck, all the better. Job done. next.