Indiana Jones Movies Banned From TV Over Concerns They Promote Violence Against Nazis


THE much-loved Indiana Jones series of movies will be absent from TV screens this Christmas, after several far-right groups claimed that the whip-cracking archaeological adventures paint the Nazi party in an incredibly bad light, and may incite hatred and violence against the organisation.

Although the movies starring Harrison Ford have featured Dr. Henry ‘Indiana’ Jones battling communists, aliens, Chinese gangsters and undead cult leaders, Indy’s most memorable foes have been the Nazis, Nazi soldiers, Nazi pilots, and Nazi sympathisers.

Throughout Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, the fedora-wearing protagonist has punched, whipped, diced-with-a-propeller, and burned alive literally dozens of people loyal to Adolf Hitler, prompting fascists all across the world to call for the movies to be banned.

“In this scene, we see a decent Nazi just doing his job, checking tickets on an airship, and what happens? A sucker punch from Jones, then he’s thrown to what Indiana must have surely hoped was his death,” said John Smith, a member of Nazi rights group Rights For The Right.

“What message is this sending to today’s society? That it’s perfectly fine to punch someone, just because they believe they’re part of a master race, and that lower classes of human beings should be eradicated to ensure the dominance of the white race? You may say these are only movies, but it’s an incredibly triggering time for Nazis like me. We shouldn’t have to see our fellow fascists killed for your entertainment while we’re kicking back after the big Christmas dinner”.

The move to ban Indiana Jones from TV has opened up debate about other Christmas favourites which show Nazis in a bad light, which could mean bans for The Sound Of Music and The Great Escape, while Nazis are pushing for the ‘tragic biopic’ Downfall to take their place as a Christmas classic.