Michelle Obama Memoir Forgets To Mention Drones Murdering Civilians


TOPPING 2 million copies sold in just a matter of weeks, the former First Lady Michelle Obama’s memoir is striking a chord with readers on an unprecedented level as she rethreads almost every important moment in her life bar the slaughter of innocent civilians via US drone strikes.

The engaging intellectual who suffered horrendously racist barbs from right wing zealots during her time as First Lady chose to skim over the part where her husband, then President Barack Obama, redefined ‘enemy combatants’ as ‘civilian men over 16’ in a transparent bid to disguise the murder, via drones, of innocent people who had no involvement in terrorism and were dubbed ‘collateral damage’.

The compassionate, bright and refreshingly candid ceiling-breaking Chicago native has topped the bestseller lists around the world with her memoir which does not touch upon whether or not her marriage was tested or her view of her husband changed in any way after observing his decisions to order drone strikes on weddings in Middle Eastern countries, resulting in the deaths of innocent men, women and children.

An eye-opening account of her life from page one, the Harvard Law graduate’s memoir, packed with wit, is connecting with and inspiring countless people as her life in and out of the White House proves an enthralling read; her outsider’s view of her husband’s 8 years in power not stretching to weighing up the morality of obliterating the bodies of normal people going about their daily lives.

Becoming will top readers’ choice for ‘must-buy’ book in the run up to Christmas as they seek to gain an insight into Obama, who comported herself with dignity and grace while in the White House and subsequently went light on the details of the over 800 innocent civilians killed by drone strikes ordered by her husband.

Responding to claims that political memoirs are always a self-serving, reputation enhancing endeavour which are light on details apart from allusions to ‘tough decisions’ Obama fans have defended the book.

“I didn’t buy the book to discover how morally corrupt the exalted heights of US politics is, and how people have blood on their hands and refuse to be drawn into answering questions on morality when it paints them in a bad light, I’m just here to feel empowered,” confirmed one avid Michelle Obama fan.

“I want to hear about how tough the toll of seeing children die in US mass shootings was, not children dying in US mass droning of the Middle East”.