5 Houses For Sale In Your Price Range


WWN PROPERTY is here to bring you the latest properties in your locality which sit inside your price range.

Now, let’s see what’s on offer:

During sunny spells this property actually meets the highest BER standards and while not the largest in terms of square footage you could always measure it in square centimetres to make it sound larger than it is. Has had some structural issues in the past.

Ooh, this is an interesting one. Modeled on the Swedish ‘Liftol’ way of ‘reinterpreting spacial needs’, this vertical, intra-floor living space is very much en vogue for the 21st century. However, the downside is after using those fancy terms, we’ve accidentally caused the price of this property to rise by 40%. Sorry, our bad.

Good news is that its solid oak framing remains intact and is something you just don’t get with newer builds. Spacious to boot, it actually has an unlimited number of hectares.

OK, so we haven’t been upfront about this one, but…if you just save up for a few more months, cut back on things like all food you could very well afford to live inside the letterbox on the pillar.

If you choose to live in your imagination, anywhere is your dream home or even just your ‘Jesus Christ, I’m just looking for somewhere well built that doesn’t cost more than a trip to Mars and back’.

TOMORROW: We look at 8 properties going for a steal at just a smidgeon over €2 million which would be a great little addition to your overseas property portfolio!