Boycotting Palm Oil The Next Great Big Cause In Local Woman’s Life


ENRAGED over the banning of a Christmas advertisement which highlighted the destruction caused by harvesting palm oil in the rainforest, veteran online campaigner Charlotte Rafferty has swooped into action by taking the issue to her Facebook news feed.

“This is terrible,” Rafferty carefully typed into her cobalt dependant phone, “chopping down trees just for palm oil and leaving the poor baby monkey’s homeless…absolute  disgrace and something should be done”.

Much like yesterday’s mid-evening rant about a couple naming their baby Adolf, it wasn’t long before the troops began to rally in support of the daughter of two with a series of angry emojis and poorly spelled comments.

“The world’s gone mad, girl, swear ta god,” echoed newly titled ‘anti-palm oil campaigner’ Trisha Woods.

“Fuckin bastards the lot of them and no condensation for the animals or nothing…it’s all money Charlotte…the root of all evil…humans are the worst….give me a dog any day”.

Reaching now into its second hour, Charlotte Rafferty’s relentless campaign against the global palm oil industry took a turn for the worst as it now clashed head on with the Bradly Walsh fronted TV quiz show The Chaser, in which celebrity and football legend Vinnie Jones was about to face off against “the big fat lad that looks like a funeral director”.

“The government will do nothing about it Trisha, too busy lining their own pockets, girl,” the now half-arsed Charlotte typed, before turning up the volume on the TV to hear the questions, “I’m going to get off this thing now before I get depressed…world is fucked”.

“G’night all,”Charlotte finished, wrapping up yet another successful campaign.