JK Rowling Confirms Hedwig Self-Identified As A Cat


HARRY POTTER author JK Rowling has yet again revealed a nugget of previously unknown information regarding a character from her wildly popular series of books, long after the series has ended.

Hedwig, Harry Potter’s pet owl, struggled with the fact he self-identified as a cat, the author explained, despite there being no evidence whatsoever of such things in the series’ 7 books.

Much like subject of Dumbledore’s homosexuality, Hedwig’s lifelong struggle of feeling like he actually belonged in the body of a cat was courageously fastened onto the character’s backstory long after the final book had been published and could well give a voice to owls that identify as cats, long absent in fiction and young adult fiction.

“It makes complete sense when you read the books back now, it’s there plainly in the print,” confirmed one superfan pointing to passages which they had clearly changed with a biro, replacing the word ‘owl’ with the word ‘cat’.

Heralded as a long overdue step forward in animal rights, Hedwig’s identity will be honoured going forward in any on stage or on screen iteration.

“Hedwig will be either played by a cat from now on or by an owl we can train to purr,” explained a source close to Rowling.

News surrounding Hedwig’s identity is just the latest in a long ling of authors making public new information about beloved characters, with the tradition first sparked off by JRR Tolkien who confirmed Gollum was misunderstood and suffered from an eating disorder.