Ancient Egyptian Memes That Still Resonate Today


MEMES are one of the oldest and most important pop culture phenomena in the world, dating back thousands of years and bringing smiles to countless faces throughout human history. In celebration of this fact, WWN has translated five top ancient Egyptian memes that are still relevant today, even in this strange but wonderful world.

1. The Awkward Mo Mo When You Drop Your Phone While Taking A Dog Filter Selfie

Nailed it! This ancient Egyptian meme about snapchat filters is exactly what everyone does when taking a dog faced filter selfie. How many times have you dropped your phone while taking one while kneeling half naked on a raised wooden platform? Thousands, we bet.

2. Mind Blown

This meme will never go out of date. Used when something or someone literally leaves you speechless, this ancient egyptian version says it all really and can be found at the foot of the great Pyramid at Giza, referring to the sheer technicality and precise mathematics involved in building one of the worlds seven wonders.

3. The Truth Is Out There

This famous meme with UFO’s featured in the 90’s TV series The X-files was first created in 2456bc by the ancient Egyptians who believed that an alien intelligence was actively monitoring the planet and abducting its citizens while they slept at night. Many believed the Pharaoh government was in on it and helped the cover up the alien presence in return for knowledge and technologies that helped built the pyramids.

4. Want To Smell Your Mom?

One of our favourites here in the office, this Egyptian image depicting a slave trolling a pharaoh princess capitulates everything that a meme is today, with this one merging classes together using humour and hilarious imagery.

5. When The Trumpeter Drops The Bass

Hahahaha we absolutely love this one. This ancient Egyptian meme doesn’t even need an explanation because it resonates so much with today’s society. Everyone gets this and we would only ruin the joke by explaining it. Thank you Egypt.